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We are part of the Bridge Holding Limited a group specialized in global sourcing, fashion, product development, design and research of a wide range of product categories carrying over 40 years of experience in servicing leading retailers in the world.

East Asia Buying Office Services Limited handles all of the home, furniture and industrial needs of the Bridge Group. We were founded in 2000 due to the demand of our customers who were looking for a Buying Office that understood fashion, seasons, product coordination between various materials, product development capabilities, and design, as well as the knowledge of sourcing.

We understand the constant changes in the retail sector and the demand for the creation of unique products that carry the handwriting of our customers, allowing them to compete in their specific markets.

We offer the perfect solution to the retailers and customers we service. Our services combine intense research and product development capabilities, private label program development, and the delivery of quality products at the right price.

  • The Perfect Solution

  • International Stemclouds

  • Time to Market

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