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Brainstorm to Success
Product Research & Development

We have a team of designers & brand developers traveling the world to analyze current market trends & developments to ensure products meet consumer demands.

Additional market information is gathered from commissioned trend forecasts. We also produce our own internal reports from major trade fairs & retail centers from around the world. We have employees in various key countries in order to understand local influences, customers & product.


Brand Development 

Our team has experience in international markets; having worked in retail, import, distribution & sourcing for over 40 years.



In addition to brand development, we also have highly experienced design studios in Hong Kong where we create client-tailored design concepts.


- 18 Month Trend Forecast
- Global Market Trend Reports
- Initial Concept Development – mood boards and collections    
- Sample development, prototypes
- Interior Design (Window Display & Store layout)
- Brand Identity & Development (Logo, Label & Packaging)
- Product Photo Shooting & Photo Retouching

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